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Handmade Victorian Fireplace Tiles

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Our specialist reproduction Victorian fireplace tiles allow you to create the perfect finishing detail to any period interior or restoration project. These are the vertically placed tiles tiles you see on the left and right hand side of traditional Victorian fireplaces. In Victorian times the original tiles measured 6 inches square. Our fireplace tiles are
authentic reproductions of original tiles produced by the nineteenth century designer William De Morgan. Great care is taken to reproduce each tile using the original techniques and wherever possible the glazes and materials. Each tile is supplied with a information about the history of tile and William De Morgan. Our tiles are handmade in the England and are generally recognised as the most authentic reproduction Victorian tiles available.
ONLY £32.50

  • Hand-painted authentic Victorian tile
  • Standard Victorian size: (6" x 6" x 8mm thick)
  • Handmade, using original materials and methods
  • Scratch-resistant upper surface

BBB TURQUOISE   more info
Fireplace Tile, authentic reproduction, 6"x6" - 152x152mm - 8mm thick. The bbb design was named after the Norwich firm Barnard, Bishop & Barnard who used De Morgan tiles in their cast iron fireplaces. The flower motif is thought to be based on a sunflower and is one of the most popular designs produced.

  £ 32.50

BBB YELLOW   more info
Fireplace Tile, authentic reproduction, 6"x6" - 152x152mm - 8mm thick. Similar to the turquoise version above, but in a warm yellow colour, the bbb design was named after the Norwich firm Barnard, Bishop & Barnard who used De Morgan tiles in their cast iron fireplaces.

  £ 32.50

FRUIT TREE   more info
Fireplace Tile, authentic reproduction, 6"x6" - 152x152mm - 8mm thick. The fruit tree design is taken from designs De Morgan created while at Merton Abbey between 1882 and 1887. The repeating floral pattern over two tiles can be used in fireplace panels although each tile is so full of life it is beautiful as an individual piece.

  £ 32.50

CARNATION   more info
Fireplace Tile, authentic reproduction, 6"x6" - 152x152mm - 8mm thick. De Morgan's stylised carnation design is reminiscent of William Morris's flowery designs. This is an example of many variations based on the carnation and can be used as an individual piece or as a fireplace tile.

  £ 32.50

DAISY   more info
Fireplace Tile, authentic reproduction, 6"x6" - 152x152mm - 8mm thick. De Morgan designed the daisy in 1875. The design combine brushed under glaze line work with deep rich turquoise flowers, which give a each tile true individuality. This tile can be used as a repeating fireplace tile or as an individual piece.

  £ 32.50

MERTON ABBEY   more info
Fireplace Tile, authentic reproduction, 6"x6" - 152x152mm - 8mm thick. In 1882 De Morgan moved his studio to Merton Abbey on the River Wandle to be close to William Morris's factory. The Merton Abbey design is a repeating tile design, which De Morgan created while at Merton Abbey. This is a stunning floral, vibrant, hand painted tile which can be used individually or as a fireplace panel.

  £ 32.50

WIGHTWICK   more info
Fireplace Tile, authentic reproduction, 6"x6" - 152x152mm - 8mm thick. The wightwick tile design was inspired by the De Morgan tiles found at Wightwick Manor. The combination of underglaze painting and soft rich turquoise glazes offer a distinctive tile, which can be used for either fireplaces or individual pieces.

  £ 32.50


How our tiles are made: Our range of authentic victorian tiles are probably the most authentic you will find. The images original Victorian tile designs taken from the original templates. The materials and methods of production are also faithful to the originals - the original hand-formulated glazing recipes are used, and each tile is hand-painted before firing, in exactly the same way it was done over 100 years ago.

William de Morgan (1839-1917) is the most famous designer of pottery tiles of the arts and crafts movement, of which he was a founder member. He also painted in a Pre-Raphaelite style, designed stained glass, and became a novelist. He started out as a stained glass designer, and only later became a potter, experimenting with glazes and rediscovering methods of making the intense greens and blues used in Majolica wares, and using these tints in new designs. He supplied William Morris from his kiln at his home in Chelsea, London, before moving his pottery works to Merton in 1881/2 and then to Fulham in 1886. He married Evelyn Pickering, the painter, in 1887. To the proponents of Arts & Crafts Movement, the Industrial Revolution separated humans from their own creativity and individualism; the worker was a cog in the wheel of progress, living in an environment of shoddy machine-made goods, based more on ostentation than function. The Art & Craft Movement sought to re-establish the ties between beautiful work and the worker, returning to an honesty in design not to be found in mass-produced items. The movement focused on the richly detailed gothic style. Decoration often depicted medieval themes. The pottery and textile designs were intricate, colorful and realistic. While the original intent was to provide handmade goods to for the working population, the cost of paying craftsmen an honest wage resulted in higher prices than the most people could afford. This often limited the movements reach to the upper classes.

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