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ZENITH Stereoscopic Microscopes are High Quality Microscopes producing amazing 3-dimensional views ...

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Stereo microscopes produce a 3-dimensional view of the object, and offer a far greater depth of view than compound microscopes. Zenith Stereoscopic Microscopes are high-quality precision optical instruments that not only produce views that are of a remarkable quality, they are also robust enough to stand up to heavy use. Zenith are a leading brand in high-quality microscopes, used in Education, Medicine and Industry in the U.K. and overseas for over 40years. These microscopes are widely used in Schools, Colleges, universities, professional medical laboratories around the world, as well as in a diverse range of industrial applications. Over this time they have gained a strong reputation for quality, reliability and value for money. Stereomicroscopes are an ideal introduction to microscopy for children who are able to look at any object instantly, and at a relatively low magnification which allows them to make sense of what they see.

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STM 1  Best Buy!
Ideal for students and children who want something that is more than just a toy ...
Suits 6+ yrs: £ 79.00
STM 40
Student Stereo Microscope,
up to 40x Magnification, an excellent instrument
Suits 8+ yrs: £ 165.00
ST 400
Advanced Stereo
Microscope, up to 100x Magnification!
Suits 10+ yrs: £ 269.00
See also ...

Compound Microscopes
STZ 3500
High performance full-sized professional zoom stereo microscope
Suits 13+ yrs: £ 372.00
STZ 4500
Similar to the STZ 3500, with Trinocular Head for even
better imaging
Suits 13+ yrs: £ 449.00
Choosing a Microscope: There are two main categories of Microscope: The low power stereomicroscope (which produces a 3D image of a whole object), and the high power or compound which can magnify up to x1500 and is used for slide preparations. Stereo microscopes have a greater depth of focus than a high power microscope, allowing much more of the object depth to be in focus at the same time. Stereomicroscopes are used for looking at whole objects without the need for slide preparation and are ideal for those with a general interest in the smaller forms of nature or specifically for examining insects, flowers, coins and metal objects, etc. Stereomicroscopes are an ideal introduction to microscopy for children who are able to look at any object instantly, and at a relatively low magnification which allows them to make sense of what they see. Compound microscopes are used for examining slide preparations of very thin objects, or slices through larger objects, flattened objects or things which are themselves microscopic. Slide preparations are illuminated from beneath (using a mirror or in built illumination). A typical magnification range may extend from x40 upto x1000.

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