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High Quality Traditional Wooden Chess Boards

High Quality Chess Boards from SAC ...

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High-quality chess pieces deserve a high-quality chess board. SAC is a British manufacturer of high-quality chess sets, and we are pleased to offer their range of deluxe chess boards. We have now added a range of coloured boards - the high gloss finish coloured boards below are particulary popular, owing to their fine fish, and suit particulary well SAC's range of hand-decorated chess pieces.

Walnut & Sycamore with Moulded Edge
Deluxe Walnut & Sycamore veneered Chess Board with attractive avadia chevron pattern ribbon strip and moulded edge. Size 50cm (19,5"), square size 50mm (2")  enlarge image

our price:   £ 69.95  

Ebony & Maple with Moulded Edge
Deluxe Ebony & Maple veneered Chess Board with moulded edge. Size 50cm (19,5"), square size 50mm (2")  enlarge image

our price:   £ 69.95  

High-Gloss Coloured Boards   New!
Deluxe chess boards, crafted using high quality materials to show your chosen chess pieces to very good effect. Coloured Pine with Blonde Maple. 50cm square. Square size 50 mm, 2 inches.  enlarge image, image showing gloss finish


Deluxe Walnut & Sycamore Boards
Wooden chess boards, Walnut and Sycamore veneers, available in 3 sizes.  enlarge image


Deluxe Wengue & Maple Boards
Wooden chess boards, Wengue and Maple veneers, available in 4 sizes.  enlarge image


Coloured Boards - Matt Finish  New!
Deluxe wooden chess boards, with veneer finish, available in 2 colours. 50cm square. Square size 50 mm, 2 inches.  enlarge image


Walnut Chess Boards  New!
Excellent value SAC Walnut Veneered Chess Board, available in 3 sizes.  enlarge image


Folding Board
Wooden folding chess board, Walnut and Sycamore veneers. Size 44cm (17,25"), square size 50mm (2")  enlarge image

our price:   £ 54.95  

The first international chess tournament was the London Tourney of 1851, won by Adolf Anderssen of Germany, who then became known unofficially as the world's best chess player, though he did not receive any award or title. The first great American-born chess player was Paul Morphy, of Irish ancestry, who lived in the civil war era. He travelled to Europe in the 1850s, beating all challengers, including Adolf Anderssen. However, the English champion of the time (Staunton) refused to play, so Morphy never became a world chess champion. The first official championship chess tournament was played in 1866, also in London, with sandclocks to restrict the length of a game. This tournament was won by Steinitz, a Bohemian (Czechoslovakian) Jew, who then became the world's first official chess champion, holding this title until 1894. Emanuel Lasker, an American born in Germany, also Jewish, became champion by defeating Steinitz, remaining champion until 1921, at which time Jose Capablanca, a Cuban, took the title until 1927. Many people today consider Capablanca as one of the top 3 chess players who ever lived, the others being Morphy and Bobby Fischer. Fischer is the first native-born U.S. citizen to have held the title of World Chess Champion. Since 1927, most good chess players have been citizens of the former USSR, and include: Tal, Alekhine, Petrosian, Spassky, Smyslov, Anatoli Karpov, and Gary Kasparov. A dispute over tournament procedures between Kasparov and the international chess organization F.I.D.E. has resulted effectively in TWO World co-champions: Karpov and Kasparov. Recently, however, Vishy Anand won the F.I.D.E. championship and is seen by most as the world's chess champ.

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